Lion's mane (60 capsules)

Hedgehog comb, or bear's foot, has long been known for its beneficial properties in folk medicine. It has a number of amazing qualities that can help improve health and cognitive abilities.

1. Stimulation of neurogenesis: Some studies suggest that crested hedgehog may help stimulate neurogenesis, the process of forming new neurons in the brain. This may be beneficial for improving memory, learning, and cognitive abilities.

2. Anti-inflammatory: The mushroom has strong anti-inflammatory properties that may help fight inflammation in the body. This is especially important for brain health, as inflammation can negatively affect cognitive function.

3- Antioxidant Defense: Hedgehog comb is rich in antioxidants that help protect brain cells from oxidative stress and damage. This helps to maintain brain health and improve cognitive performance.

There are no dosage restrictions.
Combines well with red fly agaric